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produced by war. And what we are confronted with is
the problem of modern barbarism—the problem of
people who can manage motor-cars and radios and who
can understand the utilitarian adjustment of means and
ends in the material world, but .consider the finer
subtleties of civilisation a luxury and a superfluity, and
have no notion of what is due to personality.

The human will, the problem of human relations and
die values of personality—these then are the critical
points in a civilisation that has come to put all its industry
and ingenuity into mere things.

Sometimes it has been a reproach against modern
Christians that they themselves have had nothing par-
ticular to contribute towards the solution of the funda-
mental problems of our contemporary world. Some-
times it is true that Christians have tended merely to
support what the world in general wanted, or they have
- been too content merely to second their own nation in
its belligerencies. And no doubt Christians, once
they attempt to give their opinions on the problems of
their time, very soon start quarrelling with one another.
There are many answers to the charge that religion has
no message; or at least there are different answers to
be given at different levels of argument or analysis.
It may be useful to discuss one of these, and to ask how
far, even in a case where it is often thought that Christian
teaching only coincides with ordinary mundane assump-
tions, there is not an ethical difference which means that
religion has something of its own to say on all those
issues in which human personality is involved. Precisely
when matters are brought to the crucial point, a reference